60 hectares of hunting grounds, with a 37 hectare lake, on the edge of the Champagne regions Argonne area - ref 114047

51300 Vitry-le-François
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600.000 m²
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690.000 € 
600.000 m²
Grundstücksfl. (ca.)

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60 hectares of hunting grounds, with a 37 hectare lake, on the edge of the Champagne regions Argonne area.
A little more than 3½ hours from Brussels, a 257 km journey, just over 2 hours from Luxembourg and 2½ hours from Paris via the A4 motorway.
This property, where the limestone and wetland areas of the Champagne region meet, is to the north of Vitry-le-François, facing the nearby Argonne hills and forests.
This property, on the outskirts of a little local village, is reached via a track suitable for cars, either from the village or off a modest secondary road.
It extends over 60 ha, including approx. 37 ha of lakes, 13.9 ha of farmland and meadows as well as 10 ha of wooded moorland and reed beds.
This continuous property is bordered by a farm road and an internal lane follows a dyke and leads back to the village, raised in relation to the lake. Although surrounded by copses, the lake is in the midst of an open, little wooded area used for growing cereal crops.
The topography, at an altitude of 180 m, is flat and follows the stream that feeds the lake.
The ocean climate, diminished by continental influences, has a relatively good amount of rain. The average rainfall is around 850 mm per year, which is sufficient given the soils good water retention capacity.
Geologically speaking, the subsoil is sedimentary, located by the fault between the limestone Champagne and the Argonne areas. It is composed of clay resting on marl. Their alteration coverage is composed of clay loam.
The lake is currently covered by various protection measures:
RAMSAR (Zone humide dimportance nationale or Wetlands of National Importance).
ZICO (Zone dimportance pour la conservation des oiseaux or Important Bird Preservation Area).
Type 1 ZNIEFF (Zone Naturelle dIntérêt Ecologique, Faunistique et Floristique or Natural Area of Ecological Interest for Flora and Fauna).

The lakeThis spring-fed lake, set in the middle of the estate, spans a surface area of almost 37 ha. A vast stretch of water, it is home to numerous migrating birds, in addition to various species of ducks. It also accommodates an abundant population of fish. This lake is in excellent condition and can be completely drained. Some superb reed beds line the shore and constitute a refuge appreciated by its guests.
This lake is shown on the Cassini maps: it therefore dates from before 1789, and has full water rights in keeping with the law applying to water.
It is rented for fishing purposes under a 25 year, long term land lease which comes to an end in 2026.
The farmlandAdjoining the wooded sections bordering the lake, the silty, alluvial farmland, constituted of clay loam, is homogeneous.
One section (5 ha) is arable land whilst the other (8.9 ha) is meadows.
This land is rented under a land lease to a neighbouring farmer.
The wooded plotsToo sparse to be considered real timber forests, these surface areas protect the lake and constitute additional wildlife biotope. This area provides the property with a very natural looking, verdant screen that isolates the estate from the surrounding cultivated fields.The hunting groundsNear to the Argonne lakes on an important migratory flyway, this estate is also visited by small non-migrant game as well as migrant wildfowl. Furthermore, the presence of wooded areas attracts large game such as roe deer and wild boar. A hunting hide, in a good state of repair and fitted with a system for attaching decoys when hunting duck, is set up on the side of the lake.
These hunting grounds are currently rented under a 3-year, renewable lease, the next termination date for ...


Bundesland: Champagne-Ardenne



51300 Vitry-le-François

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